Victorian Violet Press
Harvest Home

Long tall stalks of tufted gold,
waving in a warm June breeze;
shifting seas of ripened grain,
season ending, harvest home.

Trumpets raised, musicians ready,
set to sound the clarion call;
gather souls of those forgotten,
gleaning sheaves from days far gone.

Amber wheat now fully headed,
waiting for the Master’s call;
fertile earthly fields to render,
granaries open, harvest home.

First published in Grey Sparrow Journal

Kevin Heaton

currently lives in South Carolina, formerly from
Oklahoma where he published Country Music. He
has just completed his first full volume of poetry
entitled: "Harahey". His work has appeared or is
forthcoming in: Victorian Violet Press, Elimae,
Grey Sparrow Journal, Foliate Oak, Kansas Poems,
WestWard Quarterly, Sacred Journey,
Counterexample Poetics, Little Balkans Review,
Hanging Moss Journal, and others.

Art~ Berth Morisot