Victorian Violet Press
Director of the World

I couldn’t wait to tell my friends
how today in church I directed a choir
composed of some of the most influential
people in the big city; how I stood
with my arms raised and how they

responded to my call. The doctors
lawyers, mothers, bankers, and professors
obeyed my small hand as I cued in each
part. How lovely were their voices, much
better than mine. But, oh, the power I felt
in the trembling tips of my fingers,
the emotional swell from piano to forte,

like a wave on the ocean. The harmonies
created ribbons of color—occasionally
dark and dissonant to emphasize
the beauty of the brighter consonance,

while the beat of my heart competed
with the tempo of the composition,
I thought,
Dear God, how terribly
wonderful and frightening it would be,
to be Director of the World!

Wynne Huddleston

is a music teacher with a Master of Music Education degree
from the University of Southern Mississippi. She is a member
of the Mississippi Poetry Society and a board member of the
Mississippi Writers Guild. Ms. Huddleston’s poetry has been
published in the Birmingham Arts Journal, THEMA, Camroc
Press Review, The Shine Journal, Gemini Magazine,  joyful!,
Enchanted Conversation, Emerald Tales, From the Porch
Swing -- memories of our grandparents, and Waterways:
Poetry in the Mainstream. For more about Wynne please
see her blog:
Finding Small Beauty.

Art~ Fritz Thaulow