Victorian Violet Press
The Zen of Pebble Dancing

I threw a pebble in the sea today
and watched it roll and tumble in the waves.
Control is not my own, it seemed to say-
this is the way a pebble tossed behaves.

Just like a stone I stumble through my days,
am lost above the earth, beneath the sky,
I’m anxiously confused by pebble ways-
the questions rage within, I wonder why.

But I must catch my breath, as well I might,
enjoy the rolling motion of the tide,
the shush and lull of sea-song in the night
and to the salty water dreams confide.

No need to fight the motion, I am free,
embraced by life with total buoyancy.

Spinning Light

Why in these narrow confines must we weave
and spin these threads of thought to precious cloth,
releasing breath of angels to create
soft skeins of light that draw as flames to moth.
How in the darkest cell we scratch and spin,
unearthing pain and trembling memory
that shuns the light but in the spill begin
to set the place ablaze so one might see
the One who travels near, takes silk in hand
and turns it to admire in the glow
the open heart exudes as it expands,
illuminates the path on which we go.

Lou Davies James

has been writing under the pen name Allura Dannon for
the past fourteen years.  She is a well-loved member of
the internet writing community with numerous awards for
her breath-catching expression of the human spirit.
Weaving her words like gossamer, she draws you into
the recesses of a rare and open heart.  Ms. James lives
with her husband and far too many cats in Northeast
Florida. Adrift In the Holy is her first full length volume of
poetry. Previous works: Drawn As Ever and Eternal
Insomnia, both published by Under the Arbour Press in
Atlantic Beach, Florida 2004.

Art~ John Constable